The brain is characterized by a great diversity and complexity. A major goal of neuroscience is to understand how the brain functions in health and disease. In order to investigate brain function, state of the art experimental tools are needed such as gene manipulation in animal models. The mission of the Haifa university center for gene manipulation in the brain, at the division of neurobiology, is to support investigators in the use of gene transfer technologies. The CGMB center enables researchers to study basic brain function and to propose new gene therapy strategies for brain diseases (neuro-degeneration i.e. Alzheimer disease, cognitive conditions i.e. autism and depression).

The facility utilizes molecular biology techniques to engineer and develop viral vectors based on multiple vector systems necessary for gene transfer in research experiments. The CGMB center is unique since it allows researchers to combine multiple levels of analysis (genetic manipulation, molecular and biochemical, electrophysiological and behavioral). In addition, the staff and investigators allow for enrichment of ideas, technical advancements, and innovations in vector design.

Viral vectors are available to University of Haifa investigators, as well as exterior users.


· We are currently extending our skills to AAVs.

· High titer LVs are available.

· Coming soon- shRNAmir expression cassette.